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In Spring 2002 Gerhard and Jutta Krauss started in Feldafing, Bavaria. A dozen reporters from newspapers and TV-stations had suddenly called them the last day before their departure. Everyone wanted to know about their plans. It had taken Jutta and Gerhard almost a year to prepare their journey. When they left their hometown in March, the sun was shining and it wasn’t too cold outside; perfect weather for a trip around the world.
     They went south first, right through Bavaria, where they had to climb the first mountains. These mountains weren’t easy for both at first. Jutta was already close to giving up and said: “Gerhard, you have to go by yourself, I’m not the right person for this”. Gerhard had a bad conscience, but a few hours later, after a break at a restaurant, Jutta smiled again and gave her husband a hug saying: “Loverman”. Gerhard knew that everything was alright again.
     After a few days they got used to the fact that they could not make it up every mountain staying seated on their bike saddles. The toughest and steepest mountain pass in these first days was the Tauern pass in Austria; it rises up to the height of 1740 metres (5220 feet). The German cyclists could not go faster than 4 kilometres an hour on the average. The bikes weigh almost 20 kilograms (about 40 pounds), the luggage is about 30 kilograms (about 60 pounds) per person. But routine was increasing – after five days and 400 kilometres (248 miles) Jutta and Gerhard reached the borders of the European Union. Slovenia was waiting for them.

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