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The following months Gerhard and Jutta would be travelling across Muslim countries. Turkey was the first one. Would Allah protect them from dangers and trouble as God had done so far? Istanbul – half-European, half-Muslim, a city with narrow little streets and lanes, lots of traffic and noise. Jutta remembers: “Only those who know Istanbul can probably imagine what it means to go from the railway station up to Taksim Square by bike”. The sidewalks didn’t offer enough space for two people. Jutta even felt how the cars grazed her, because they passed so close. But she liked the city. It had an own special flair.
     Starting from Ankara, more exact: Kirikale, they set a new record: 145 kilometres (90,7 miles) on one day. When they stopped for a break the people working on the fields would come over to talk. Others, who passed with cars, would wave their hands and nod their heads friendly. In all the cities and villages there were lots of little restaurants where customers choose their meal by being led into the kitchen and pointing on the appropriate saucepans. There is always soup with the main dish. As soon as you leave the restaurant you get your hands cleaned with an alcoholic liquid. Especially the Kurds invited the cyclists to countless cups of tea. These people were even friendlier and more thoughtful than the Turks.
     In the very East of Turkey Gerhard and Jutta got to see the snow-covered volcano Ararat, 5165 metres (about 15.000 feet) high. It appeared like a heavenly phenomenon, touching the clouds, surrounded by a fog haze.

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