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A new exciting world was lying in front of them when they crossed the borders to Iran. Travelling with an average speed of 27 kilometres per hour (about 16 miles per hour) they felt free and independent. When they met the first people they felt that these people moved a lot more slowly and deliberately than the people in Turkey. Everything was so quiet.
     Jutta now started wearing a coloured kerchief on her head. Later they would talk about Iran as the country with the most polite and most hospitable people they ever met. And they learned that most young women here don not at all regard their black robes as something disturbing. In the contrary, the girls they met smiled and seemed to have fun just as young girls in Europe.
     The Germans had unforgettable experiences and got to know a lot of people that took them to their houses, invited them to hikes around their hometowns and who they had discussion with – about religion, war, faith. In one of the houses almost 40 young people had come to talk to the cyclists, to ask them questions and listen to their answers. “What is your name, how old are you, do have children, how old are they, what do you do, what are the names of your grandchildren…” and so on. Jutta and Gerhard had to writes little notes in the notebooks of their hosts, took photos and were photographed dozens of times.

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