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They reached the Kirgistan border. It was not too hot anymore and the two Germans were glad to have left the Central Asiatic heat behind. In Bishkek they stayed with a family for a couple of days and they were involved in all the family activities like picnicking, conversations, walks and sightseeing. Walja, the mother, prayed for her guests and they had to promise to her not to cross the Kazakhstan steppe and not to eat one of the fish that were sold on the roads towards to Russia. Jutta didn’t feel any better, but she didn’t complain.
     Kazakhstan is a huge and wide country, but only 16 million people live there. Moreover Gerhard took part in a Marathon in Almaty, the capital with 1,5 million people, while Jutta’s condition worsened day after day. She stayed in bed hoping that everything would be fine if only she could rest for a while. Because of the fact that they couldn’t enter Russia before July 7th they had to wait anyway. Jutta eventually stayed in bed for ten days, on four days she ran a high temperature. She didn’t stop losing weight and couldn’t even sit straight up because her body was so weak. Also the look of her face had changed. Finally she got up and risked a look in the mirror. “I am yellow”, she said firmly. “This is a Hepatitis”.

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