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Jutta had been trying to cure the disease on her own. She started feeling a little better, but still was much too weak to continue a bike trip across Asia. In this situation Gerhard and Jutta could have taken a flight home, Jutta could have returned to Germany alone or she could have gone to Ulan Bator by plane and wait for Gerhard. But she decided to stay and continue the journey despite the fact that it was very dangerous. First the couple had to take the train across Kazakhstan over to Novosibirsk – 40 hours and 1500 kilometres across the infamous Kazakhstan steppe. Then the “Transsiberian Train” took them hundreds of kilometres east across Krasnojarsk and Irkutsk to Lake Baikal, which is said to be the world’s deepest lake. Maybe Jutta would have recovered by then.
     Baikal coming from the Turkish language means “rich lake”. The deepest known depth of Baikal is 1637 m. When they arrived in Ulan Bator, Mongolia, they had to make a decision. Jutta had not recovered the way she had hoped before. Now they had to realize that it was time to make a decision. Gerhard and his wife were forced to interrupt their journey and return to Germany. They were not at all excited to go home. They would have loved to go on with the tour.
     Jutta and Gerhard Krauss arrived in Germany on July 28th.
     They will continue their world tour in Hanoi on January 1st in 2003 .

you will find pictures at the end of each report