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Two Germans go on a trip around the world – by bike

On March 20th their big journey began. Gerhard Krauss and his wife Jutta went on a trip around the world. It’s going to take them 30.000 kilometres (about 18.645 miles) through all types of countries, landscapes and seasons. The amazing thing about these two people, who come from a little town in Southern Germany, is their age and the way they travel: Together they had the age of 128 when they started. Meanwhile Jutta turned 56 and Gerhard is going to be 75 when he comes back home in 2003. And by the way: They’re not going by train, ship or car, they go by bike.
     To go on a journey like this has been Gerhard’s dream for years. He’s been thinking of it since he was a teenager. Jutta, who married Gerhard about ten years ago, has promised to take care of him. That was the only reason for her to come with him.
     The two Germans are active in sports like running and cross-country skiing. One of their morning activities is to hike around the lake in front of their housedoor. Gerhard participated in famous marathons like the „Iron Man“ Hawaii; of course he was the oldest participant. And the sportive couple already went across the United States in 1998 – by bike.
     This time they planned to visit countries like Croatia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, some former Soviet republics, Russia, Mongolia, Vietnam, Australia, Canada, Africa...
     On their trip, that will take about 20 months, two modern bikes (14 gears, hub) accompany them. Each of the bicycles will have to carry five bags filled with the things they need on their way across rivers and mountains, through deserts and snow, heat and icy cold.
     The two athletes are faithful to successfully lap the „blue planet“, even though they are aware of the dangers and obstacles, that will accompany them on their way.
     Gerhard and Jutta are being supported by relatives and friends, but also by „professional adventurers“ like Axel Brümmer and Peter Glöckner from Thuringia who went around the world on bikes from 1990 till 1995.